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Peekaboo, I see you – Instant coverage for your grey roots!

Often people with grey hair face so much trouble when their grey roots starts to show up and the color fades away. This is such a bad situation if you are having a tough week at work or too busy with kids or too lazy (hey hey this counts too). Personally speaking I hate when… Continue reading Peekaboo, I see you – Instant coverage for your grey roots!

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Chic Reviews : Saranghae 5-Step Routine

Hello Gorgeous! If you have landed on this review, I am sure you are looking for a skin care regimen that can make your skin feel smooth, supple , hydrated and healthy! Skin care is so essential for glowing and youthful skin, yet many times we seem to ignore it completely. Taking care of your… Continue reading Chic Reviews : Saranghae 5-Step Routine


“I love her brows!”

Did you ever wonder how some women have so beautiful and well defined eyebrows? If yes, then I am sure you are a brow lover just like me! I often think what is the single most essential feature that defines the look of your face? Every single time I think this, the answer is just… Continue reading “I love her brows!”