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Oh my Jord – A guide to Style your watch!

I often meet people and see how much they love the small elements I include in my outfits be it my earrings, a small delicate necklace or my watch. Irrespective of what I am wearing, my outfit is incomplete without these small yet major additions! Don’t you agree?

I am sure you all agree. Isn’t that the reason why we do so many others things like makeup, hair and accessories to enhance our style element? Speaking of accessories, the most essential accessory for me is undoubtedly wrist watch. I totally am a watch person and I love getting watches and I love styling them.

When picking a watch I like to see how versatile a particular watch is. This is specially important as you want to have a watch that can be paired with multiple outfits and still looks different every time.


Now you know how important is your wrist watch in your total style element, so without further ado, let’s get into some tips for styling your watch:

Tip # 1 : Select the right watch

Yes, you read it right. You must pick a watch that is unique and you are totally in love with. I picked up this beautiful JORD watch for myself. I fell in love with this watch due to its minimalistic design and of course versatility. I love the fact that its made from white turquoise and  is hand polished. I love the unique craftsmanship that is offered by JORD and that is why I love their watches!

Tip # 2 : Interchangeable band

Now, that is one important aspect that I care about specially when I want to wear my watch with multiple outfits. This makes my watch a perfect go to watch for any occasion. My lovely JORD watch did come with a interchangeable leather and metal mesh band making it my perfect go to! I used the leather band for a more daily wear use and metal mesh band for going out, dinner and yes of course events! Love it!

Tip # 3 : Select right color

Are you wondering what is right color in watch? If so, then let me tell you that yes there is a color factor and its adds a lot of value to your wrist and to your outfit. You can choose either a bold color or a more neutral color based on what you really wanna highlight! If you want people to see your wrist then you must go for a bold color but if you want to keep it more subtle then neutral colors are the best. I like to keep my watched more towards neutral and so I picked up the beautiful watch with grey band along with white & silver turquoise dial.

Tip # 4 : Add more wrist accessories

Wrist accessories with watch? Yes, it is now a very common concept to wear additional accessories with your watch. You can add subtle accessories to your wrist watch at sometimes and at other times you can just wear your watch. At times I love to wear my JORD just by itself as I totally love the mesh band details and sometimes I add some delicate bracelet. Intrigued, then you must try it out for yourself!

Tip # 5 : Put it all together with the right outfit!

Now that you know all the tips for styling your wrist, its time to add everything together and combine with your perfect outfit. Coming back to wrist watch, the reason I love neutral colors watches is because it goes with all my outfits. Now isn’t that amazing? I don’t have to think much about whether my watch will compliment my outfit or not as most of the times it does that automatically! So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your lovely JORD today. Wait, did I tell you I have a giveaway as well?

A quick note about my giveaway, you can enter the giveaway and get 100 dollars off any JORD watch. Not just that all the entrants will get 10 % gift code. It’s an amazing offer and you must enter the giveaway to get advantage of this offer, enter the giveaway here-

Not only does JORD makes unique watches, it also provides the best customer delight by offering amazing options like custom engraving, custom sizing, one year warranty, free worldwide shipping and most importantly customization for mixing and matching woods. Now, that is whole lot to add to your wrist watch. Don’t you agree my lovely readers? Don’t wait more and enter the giveaway to get your own JORD!!

Wooden Wrist Watch


Chic Style Mantra!


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