Happy Start @ 2019

Hello my lovely readers and fellow bloggers! I am so happy to start off the new year with lot of hopes and positive vibes! Starting off with a positive note is always so important in life, isn’t it? Once your mind is positive you find yourself in a positive space and do things that are right and most importantly things that make you happy!


Some lovely moments in 2018!

We are all aiming for something in life, we are all somewhere in our journey of life! We do many things along the way and those things define us an individual and those things define our lives. So, it is extremely important to make sure that the things you are doing along the way are things “you care” for! Imagine spending days and days of doing things that really do not matter to you or that does not bring a single moment of love and laughter in life? I am sure this imagination gives you the hint of what I am trying to tell you all. Don’t you agree?


I understand it is often difficult to do things that you really want or things that make you happy. But, I feel many of us spend time in doing things that we know will us make unhappy for sure. Still, we CHOOSE to do it. I often question at times, why did I do it ? Some relatable examples could be an argument with a co-worker, someone treating you badly at a restaurant or just a random stranger saying something odd to you. I am sure if you are in any of situation I mentioned you will regret thinking about it as it contributes to nothing but sadness, isn’t it? Now the question is “how” do you get out?

There are some simple rules that I followed and found effective. Sometimes, when you keep reading quotes/messages you definitely relate to some of them more strongly than others.  I read a message somewhere that was really effective in dealing with situations where I hear something that was hurtful or something that I totally did not expect. I came across this on instagram and it clicked almost immediately.  Till date I have reminded myself of that message whenever things do go as expected. Curious of what it was?

“Imagine you have a Million Dollars and someone took a dollar from you, Does it really matter? “

On a similar note, you have 24 hours in a day, a small moment when someone made you feel miserable should not be worth your time or effort to think or feel sad about. Just forget it and move on! Do you really wanna feel bad all day long for a conversation that lasted less than 10 seconds? You need to “Move on” Gurl is what I remind myself! Try it out the next time!



Another interesting quote that I loved and I reminded myself at times was about social media. As bloggers, we often come across content from other bloggers and with instagram coming into life its all turning into a world of likes and comments. Often times, we are in this trap of looking at others and comparing. At the end, you feel demotivated and negative almost always. I came across this quote shared by someone on instagram that really helped change my perspective, curious about it? Here it goes-

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.”

Isn’t this so true! Real life examples teaches us so much yet at times we forget the basics and spend time in things that do not matter. On that note, I will close out this article hoping that this post gave you some positive thoughts and a better perspective of dealing with things in life! I hope you all have a lovely 2019 and may god give you all the happiness and joys in the world!


“Remember to always love yourself and do things that matter most to you!”


Love Always,



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