“Getting Started with Basic Make-up” – A step-by-step guide!

“Beauty come to those who love and take good care of their Skin”

Who does not want to look beautiful? Of course, everyone wants it. But, you need to learn the art of make-up and art of looking beautiful! Doing good make-up definitely makes you look glamorous and attractive but you must also remove makeup and take care of your skin to maintain your beauty and always look charming!  With that said, let’s start by learning basic makeup first! Every art needs some learning and makeup is no exception. Also, remember you cannot become an expert on day 1 but with practice you can definitely be an expert in no time!

Today we will talk about basic make-up that can totally glam you up!

Step-1: Always start with clean face!


Make sure you wash our face and pat it dry. Do not rub towel on your face- it is a “very common mistake” people do! Put a light moisturizer to hydrate your skin.

Step-2: Always apply primer!


Primer sets your skin for makeup and provides a base for makeup. It also helps fill up pores!

Step-3: Foundation and Concealer 

Put concealer to get extra coverage, specially under your eyes!

Foundation and concealer are so essential to getting flawless makeup that I cannot stress more on having this in your makeup essentials. Start by applying foundation all over your face and concealer to places where you need extra coverage. Blend everything together using a beauty blender. If you don’t know what a beauty blender is, then you need to get one my love! Beauty blender perfectly blends the product onto your skin and takes you 1 step closer to getting flawless skin! If you don’t want to put foundation and concealer you can select compact powder that gives similar coverage. 

Using beauty-blender to blend the product!

Step-4: Add in some color!

At this stage your face will look flawless. But, wait we need to add some colors to create perfect contrast to your face! Add some blush on your cheeks. Now, add some color to your eyes by applying Kajal, eyeliner and little eye-shadow! The more makeup you add to your eyes,  more glamorous is your look! At some point we will only talk about eye-makeup and it’s one on my favorite makeup to do! Finally add lip-color to finish your look.

Step-5: Highlighter, contouring and more!

don’t you love adding winged eye-liner too 😉

If you want to go beyond simple makeup you will have to do some contouring! That said let’s leave that topic for our next article, shall we?

Now, you are ready go out and have fun but wait! we didn’t talk about how you will remove the makeup so that you skin looks healthy and amazing all the time. Let’s quickly get that sorted and you are good to go 🙂

Taking good care of your skin starts by always removing your make-up and hydrating your skin afterwards! Let’s quickly look at it step-by-step, shall we ❤

Start by taking a good makeup remover. There are several options from makeup removing wipes to Micellar water to oil-based makeup removers. Pick anything that works best for your skin type. I have been loving Micellar water as it is very light and not very oily. But, again it is mild and does not remove all makeup! So, I use oil-based remover to remove my eye-liner and lipstick! 

Step-1: First  remove your eye makeup. A oil based remover is best but if you don’t have any make-up remover, then baby oil or olive oil could be used to remove your eye makeup. Be very gentle with your eye area as it is very sensitive and if not careful it can easily cause wrinkles. 


Step-2: Remove your lipstick with an oil based remover as well. This is very gentle with your lips and removes lipstick in no time! Finally you can use any remover to remove rest of your makeup! DO NOT wash your face directly without removing makeup as that might clog your pores.


After you remove all your make-up, wash your face and pat dry! Put on your favorite night cream and let you skin rejuvenate ❤ I hope you enjoyed this article on basic makeup and we shall talk more in the next one! Until then keep looking beautiful and take care of you skin!!

P.S : All opinions about the products mentioned in this article are my own and NONE of the product used in this look are sponsored. #notsponsored


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