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Peekaboo, I see you – Instant coverage for your grey roots!

Often people with grey hair face so much trouble when their grey roots starts to show up and the color fades away. This is such a bad situation if you are having a tough week at work or too busy with kids or too lazy (hey hey this counts too).

Personally speaking I hate when my grey roots are showing up and I am in no mood to go to a salon or do anything to my hair at home. Obviously for most working people the only time they get is weekend and everyone wants to relax a bit on weekends, isn’t it? What if you can get away with your grey roots without worrying too much? What if your hair looks amazing with minimal effort and finally what if this takes only a minute?

Need to Fix the grey and yeah let’s fix the lip color too 😉

If you are intrigued then let me tell you more with a minor disclaimer that I am not talking about permanent color but quick fix solution that can help you look stunning and cover your grey’s within minutes. The best part of this solution is its mess free. If you are someone with grey hair you can totally relate to the mess of coloring your hair either at home or salon. How do you feel about those long hours for getting your color done? If you are “Henna” hair then good luck with the long process and it is so difficult to do it on your own (Trust me, I am talking from personal experience).
Love the packaging! Perfect for putting it in your purse and great for travel!

Now let’s forget about the problem and talk about the solution. Introducing the amazing root touch up powder! I tried this instant grey coverage root touch up solution from Madison reed and I am so happy with the results. My hair feels soft and healthy! Not to forget all my roots are nicely covered up and my hair looks amazing! You must go to their website and checkout all the wonderful ingredients that goes in their products! They are free from parabens, ammonia and are totally cruelty free! Now isn’t that amazing!
The brush is totally amazing! It covers your grey roots evenly!



I love the product packaging and also like the fact that it comes with the small brush which makes it so easy to apply. Just apply this powder in lighter strokes to the grey roots and you are covered in no time. The color stays in your hair until you wash it off . It does not stain your forehead which is amazzzing!

I have used the grey root coverage powder to cover up my grey’s here! And yes fixed the lip color too 😉

You can use my code: CHICSTYLEMANTRA to get 10 % off your first order at Madison Reed until July 2018. Try it out and thank me later! click here to find my shade.

Stay beautiful and don’t let your grey roots stop you from going out!


Chic Style Mantra!



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