Unique Timepieces to Style Your Wrist!

Every outfit tells a story and punch to that story comes from accessorizing. A perfect outfit with imperfect accessories can kill the outfit altogether. In short, accessories play a major role in defining your fashion statement and the accessory that is most impactful is your dear Wrist Watch!

Jord watches
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Yes, you heard me right! I love accessorizing and I pick all my accessories very carefully. The most crucial element for me is how unique a particular accessory look. I always try to find pieces that are unique and one of a kind! One such amazing and unique watch is the lovely “Wood Watch” by JORD that I found recently! I am truly in love with this beauty and so happy to find this perfect watch!

Jord watches

First of all, let me emphasize on how great the watch looks! Not only the looks but every element about this watch is so beautiful and unique! Right from the packaging, the box and the watch itself is near perfection! This makes a perfect gift for your loved one and even better gift for yourself ❤

Jord watches

Let me share a bit about “Cassia Series” wood watch I picked for myself! This watch is simply gorgeous and I absolutely love the wooden strap. There is slight golden element on the brand that adds more to its beauty and elegance. It is truly one of its kind!

Every JORD watch comes with this unique wooden and there are so many choices in wood materials to pick from. Not only does JORD excel in creating these wonderful timepieces, it also makes sure to provide its customers the right care options like cleaning oil to pamper your lovely wooden watch! Isn’t that amazing?

Jord watches
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Wait, I am not done praising JORD yet! I am sure you are thinking there is so much JORD offers, but here is something extra special! There is an option to add custom engraving to watch and the box. Now, that is some amazing level of personalization! Well, I must admit that this is one the best women’s watch that I own and I am totally in love with JORD for creating such unique timepieces ! I totally recommend this watch for great style and making that  bold fashion statement for both men and women!


What are you waiting for? Go and grab your watch today! All the links you need are right here! And did I mention they ship worldwide?

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Much Love,

Chic Style Mantra!

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