The Color Harmony

We often come across things that are so beautifully intermingled that we feel that are perfect! Styling your clothes is a similar experience and needs intermingling of shades, accessories and  of course passion for style! What you get out is in simple terms – “Perfection”.


My personal style mantra is always banking on the color whether it is color of the fabric that I am wearing or color of the accessory itself. Saying color does not necessarily mean bold colors, it can also be soft colors.  There is a slight catch with soft shades though, which is to pick the right contrast with it!

Today’s pick is styling softer shades and focusing more on the accessory game! Shall we get started my lovelies? I hope your are smiling now and I take that as a yes ❤

Version 2

Winter’s are in their full force and I love winters as I get to wear so many beautiful lovely soft shades! So, I have picked up a sweater that has combination of multiple soft shades in it and some sequins. Coming to the styling part of this beautiful sweater, I have picked all neutral shades that are complementing each other so well. I picked up statement rose gold tassel earrings , nude low block heels, pink bag and distressed denims that intermingled so well with my sweater!

Finally here are my pro-tips for this look:

Pro Tip#1 : Experiment with soft colors, but pick the right contrast!

Pro Tip#2 : Always pick clothing with some element in it, this helps in styling it well. For example I had sequins and multiple colors as the elements to play with in this look!

Pro Tip#3: Own at-least a pair statement accessories. I picked up statement earrings with this which made my outfit from awesome to fab! I hope you get the idea 😉

Pro Tip#4:  Heels not only add glam to your outfits, but also improves you posture and therefore your confidence in carrying your outfit. I definitely love my flats but I cannot deny the improved posture and glam that my heels add to the outfit!

Pro Tip#5: Here is the final one, try a pair of distressed jeans! They add the right element to your regular denims. But yes, don’t go overboard with it. It takes just another patch in the denims to totally destroy your outfit! So, be cautious 😉

P.S :  I have picked up all these items from different stores and 
they are very affordable. I truly feel style should be affordable 
and not everything needs to have designer tag (BTW,  I love designer 
stuff too!).

Outfit details (Click on links to find the item):
Sweater: Shein
Tassel Earrings:Charlotte russe
Denim's: Macy's
Pink Cross-body bag: Shein

Until next time, experiment with that non-designer stuff too and style it so well, that people start asking you about your stylist 😉


Chic Style Mantra!


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