The Choker Couture

Yes, you read that right! I feel this name totally justifies my fashion pick for the day! Choker has become my favorite recently and I wonder why I never tried it before. But, its never too late to try something new. Isn’t it?


I have been eyeing choker tops for sometime as they are so CHIC.  There are multiple styles, colors and fabrics to choose from and it totally depends on your liking.  The advantage of wearing choker tops is that it is self accessorizing! So, no need of additional accessories , just keep it simple.


I picked up a black choker top as I feel black is the best color that can be worn both during day and night and still looks chic. Don’t you agree 🙂 ? Coming back to my topic of choker top, I picked a slightly loose fit choker top and combined it with my denims to create the comfy chic look. I styled with beige bag, beige wedge sandals and large dial watch alone! Remember, keeping it simple with choker tops?


My personal style for such choker tops is going for darker shades!  Again this depends on your skin tone , you can pick lighter or darker shade but the idea is to create the contrast between your skin and the choker so that it pops out! For nights out or parties I feel the glitter choker tops really stands out!

Here are some Pro-tips:

Pro-tip #1 : It’s never too late to try something new, if you have never tried a choker or choker top , this is the time my lovely!

Pro-tip #2: Pick Choker top that is slightly loose, that way it feels fitted on the neck and bit loose below your shoulders. You can partially tuck it in for a more stylish look (Try it out!)

Pro-tip #3: Do not over accessorize, let people look at that choker! Of course you can add a bag and watch to the look!

Pro-tip #4:Pick a sparkly/glittery choker top for night out. It will look totally glam! Remember, color plays a huge role here so go for party shades(Black, Wine, Red etc.) !

Pro-tip #5: Lighter shades are perfect for day use , so pick a shade that you can dress up or down. Black is perfect example.


Outfit details (Click Links to check out the top/bag/sandals):

Choker Top : Shein
Beige Bag: Shein
Wedge Sandals : Payless

I hope you like the styling tips and if you did please leave a beautiful comment ❤

Until next time, be a fashionista and try out that choker top!


Chic Style Mantra!!

4 thoughts on “The Choker Couture”

  1. I have never tried a choker top before, but after reading this, I’m running straight out to buy one! I love your styling tips, and the idea of a glitter choker top sounds really fancy! Thank you for this blog post on choker tops, I feel really informed!

    Lottie x

    Liked by 1 person

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