The Antique Look!

I am really into tribal prints these days and  I feel they are just so chic! I love the vibrant colors and the print totally stands-out.

I wanted to play around with tribal print and create a look using all antique elements. I always believe that if you have an amazing print to work with, then the look is pretty much going to rock!


I picked up this chic Tribal print embroidered  jacket and combined it with Antique silver necklace.  I kept rest of things in outfit super-simple so that the focus is totally on my jacket and necklace.


Here are quick tips for creating look with chic jackets!

Pro-Tip # 1 If you really want to focus on a chic piece of clothing like my jacket , keep the rest of it simple.

Pro-Tip # 2 If you have a heavy necklace , then do not overwhelm your look by wearing chunky earrings. Keep the earrings to minimal.

I got both the jacket and necklace from Shein. I feel the quality is quite good and its very affordable!

Here are the outfit details:
Tribal print Jacket : Shein
Silver antique necklace: Shein


Love Always,

Chic Style Mantra!


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