Explore Bay Area – Backyard Brew

I like exploring new places, well restaurant and coffee shops are places too..aren’t they ? If you all are nodding your head,  I am going to take it as a yes. So, continuing with my idea of exploration,  I like places where I can go sit, relax and have some fun! Well like all exploration (yes, I just defined what an exploration is, didn’t I 😉 ) my search begins by looking at yelp. But, thinking about it doing yelp is not really exploring. Wondering why?

Well it not only plays with my mind but also sometimes I actually forget what I was looking for. Does that happen to you too? Anyways, coming back to the topic of exploring, I was saying sometime you really need to ditch yelp and go out to explore.  If you spot a nice place and your mind says, yes this is the place just go for it (Don’t kill that instinct by reading the review first)

“Go out and explore – and yes exploring coffee places is acceptable”

So, now coming back to how I really explored this place. It was Friday night and I wanted to eat some delicious Italian food. Like every Friday night, I have to wait to get seated (Yay for weekend). Well while I was waiting,  I see this beautiful alley with a board “Backyard Brew” and I was instantly attracted to it.



In no time, I walked up the alley and noticed the amazing hand-written messages and drawings on the wall. At this point, I was certain that I am going to a nice place with amazing vibes. I then see this fountain with amazing art wall. So cool, right?



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After exploring the place and sitting there for a bit, I noticed that people were having a good time chatting, having coffee, playing chess and even playing video games. I am sure its a great spot to chill and for taking amazing pictures too ( My blogger soul is always looking for amazing spots to take pictures)


This is such a pretty hideout and I definitely recommend going and exploring this place with friends and family!

I hope you like this little exploration and I would take you along with some more. Stay tuned!

Location : Backyard Brew
Address  :  444 S California Ave Palo Alto, CA 94306 
Yelp     :



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