A visit to Castello Di Amorosa

Visiting a castle? Wait, Are we in the United States? Yes? Where? If you found all the previous questions interesting then you should definitely continue reading this fun filled blog post ( of course I am marketing my own blog post 😀 )

It was the 4th of july weekend which is always about visitors travelling around the united states to visit new amazing places! When people talk about visiting Bay Area, Napa is always there on the list. There are number of wineries and vineyards to enjoy in Napa. But, often we keep scrolling yelp reviews to find the best one. I have sorted this out for my lovely readers! The winery I have selected for you all not only gives you a collection of amazing wines to taste,  but also gives you a complete experience of Tuscan castle.



This is the beautiful “Castello Di Amorosa” winery. This winery is not exactly in Napa but about 25 mins from Napa on the saint Helena highway.

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting this beautiful winery! The castle style separates this winery from the rest. I absolutely loved the attention to minute details which made it truly an extraordinary experience. Every room here is so amazing and I just did not feel like going to home 😉

Just a tip : Even if you don’t drink wine, I think you should still go to explore this amazing  winery ( drinking does make it extra special 😉 ).

Now Let’s talk about what you will need to do here once you reach! The first thing of course is to buy the wine tour/tasting package. There were quite a few choices but I picked 5 wine tasting pass. There was a table full of all the amazing goodies (Mainly here so that you can check them out while you wait in line for buying the passes) If you like to take the tour , you should definately go for it. I have taken it other wineries and so I opted out and focus more on the drinking part 😀



On our way to the tasting room, there were so many great rooms. We took a title tour for all the rooms before going to the tasting room. I liked the “Great Hall” room with the amazing details on the wall. It definitely  qualifies as a perfect picture spot for me!


Talking about the wine tasting, one can select any wine they would like to taste. There were many wine stewards who were quite knowledgable about the wines. I would definitely  recommend asking them about the best sellers and they often give you great suggestions. “La Fantasia” , the sweet wine is one of their best seller and you should absolutely try that one.

A little note about the seating – I was hoping a cozy seating for the tasting room, but there was no dedicated seating here.

Also, there were very limited snacking choices in the tasting room(like just bread sticks) . I really feel they should have more choices like olive platter , fruit and cheese platter etc. 😉 But I guess you just have to settle with the bread sticks here. Apart from that I feel it was really nice setting!



After tasting the wine you can definitely buy the wine you like.I love the wine case ❤

Anyways, before leaving we spent some more time relaxing and checking out rest of the winery. There were so many wonderful spots for building memories and taking pictures. Also, outside the winery there is beautiful open spaces with lush green grass to relax and do a little picnic 😉


I hope you enjoyed this post and got some valuable tips for your next trip to Napa ❤








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