Black and White

Often black and white is the simplest and easiest combination to wear, but it always looks glamourous. A simple yet powerful combination that makes difficult decisions easy ( of course choosing what to wear is a difficult decisions at times 😉 )

Last weekend I made some afternoon plans followed by an evening outing. I thought what would make a great afternoon and evening wear? There comes my classic black and white combination to rescue! Of course, like every outfit I was looking for something unique and I can just not compromise on missing that unique element 😉 So, I picked up this amazing black top which was sitting in my wardrobe for few days. I ordered it but did not wear it yet (I want the right occasion that can justify my choice  🙂 )


I love the details on the neckline for this top which makes it different from other simple/plain black blouse/tops. The sheer “v neckline” adds the right boost needed for this top and so I absolutely love it. Since it is summer, I always look for a reason to wear my white denims (So I did this all this build-up just to talk about white denims?  Of course not as I have another reason to pick this top:D)

Here is my other reason. I had this lovely heart shape watch that I just love love love! Yes that was love 3 times just because I really love it ❤ This watch is so pretty and feminine that one just can’t miss spotting this on my wrist. I got so many compliments whenever I wear this and so I though why not share this amazing beauty with all my lovely readers!


So, we have done enough talking now but are we still forgetting something more about this look? Is it footwear? Indeed, So let’s give it the importance it deserves, shall we? The final element excluding my makeup, hair etc. is the footwear. I got this nice cutwork footwear which is really stylish and yes very comfortable. It was a perfect pair to finish my look!

Finally here is the complete black and white beauty with complimenting heart shaped wrist watch!



I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this. Hope to see you all next time ❤


Outfit details :

Blowser/Top : Shein

Denims : American eagle outfitters

Watch : Lucky Brand

Footwear : Payless shoes

Love ❤


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