Bright and Sunny Look!

A little bit of sunshine is all we need …! Of course sunny days are the best days if you live in bay area! In the middle of a long rainy season which looks never ending, I finally enjoyed a sunny day in San Francisco!

I have been living in bay area for quite sometime and the climate here is always on the colder side ( yes even in summers). So having said that, now you can understand what a perfect sunny day means to me 😉

A perfect weather calls for perfect dress up, isn’t it? A bright and colorful dress up is what I feel suits the best when it bright and sunny! So  presenting my weekend outfit (drums rolling) to my lovely readers!

I selected this lovely multi-color blouse that has the right color pop! I was just waiting for the right day to wear this top 😉 You can totally dress it up/down and wear it during day or evenings! The fabric is so light which makes it perfect for summers!


In my posts, I always specify what kind of makeup I am doing with anything I wear as I feel it is a essential element for the dressing up ritual. But, today  I also want to stress on the importance of accessories!

I selected the popping color from my blouse and selected similar accessories to compliment my look. I added the long chain necklace which made my look “Just Perfect”!


Of course don’t forget the sunglasses. You might notice they are a must for looking  absolutely stunning in Summers!



Style Details:

Blouse/Top :
Sunglasses : Guess 
Necklace : Forever21

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Lots of love!xoxo


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