Festive Style – Markar Sankranti!

Makar Sankranti is the first Hindu festival to fall in the month of January! This day marks the beginning of various auspicious activities and is celebrated on 14th January across India. Traditionally people make sweets out of sesame seeds and jaggery also called “Til-Gud” in hindi.


Since I live far away from my country, I specially miss all these wonderful festivals. So, I decided to celebrate it my style by making the traditional “Til-Gud” and of course dressing up.

I wanted to wear something festive but at the same it should not be too traditional. So, I decided to wear this lovely slit kurta from Globus-India . I really like the block print and the button details on this kurta.  The pink and beige combination makes it perfect for indo-western look. I combined it black leggings and beige sandals.


Any festive look is incomplete without the right accessories. I kept my accessories simple to make sure the focus stays more on my kurta. I selected a simple gold choker and  diamond danglings.


Finally for my make-up, I decided to go with simple makeup. I am a big fan of kajal(Kohl pencil) as I feel it instantly makes one look glamorous!

I feel this look is perfect for any festival where you don’t want to look extra traditional. This look will definitely add a lot of glamour to your festival 🙂



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